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Dumbest Things Christians Say.


I’ve decided to just make a list and rank them.  I don’t know how else to point out just how predictable and silly most of the things they say are.   I’m not talking beliefs, just what they say when trying … Continue reading

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War on Christmas.


I love Christmas even though I’m an atheist.  One thing that occured to me during our annual A Christmas Story viewing is that it doesn’t mention religion once.  And this was set in the 1950s which is every fundies dream … Continue reading

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Billboard wars


This is hilarious……… Personally when I first heard of the idea of putting up billboards I thought it was stupid as hell.  I mean there are so many better ways to spread the word than that one.  It’s just outrageously … Continue reading

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Interview for a school project.


I was asked to do an interview for a school project.  Since it was already typed, I figured I’d post it.  The questions are in italics and my answers in normal. 1. What exists? In other words, what kinds of … Continue reading

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Ministers who are atheists


Atheist Ministers Leading the Faithful – ABC News I actually knew a guy like this back in Austin.  He was a Baptist minister who after something like 15-20 years of preaching rather abruptly figured out that the Bible was crap.  … Continue reading

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Why I’m an athiest


First I’m going to get a few things that are NOT the reasons. 1- I don’t hate God.  I don’t believe in any god, and haven’t for 35 years now.  I can’t hate him.   I DO have issues with his … Continue reading

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