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Archbishop of Canterbury Admits Doubts


I actually found this a bit surprising.  But probably not for the reasons most atheists would.  In an interview the Archbishop of Canterbury admitted to some fairly big doubts about God existing.  This is a man at the top of … Continue reading

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Was Jesus Real? Eh….Probably.


So, a lot of other atheists are on this “Jesus wasn’t real.” kick.  I find it counter productive. My answer is “probably.”  It is true that there aren’t any direct witnesses who wrote it down.  That doesn’t mean the answer … Continue reading

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Do Atheists Really Convert on Their Death Bed


Now we know for sure, and it’s just one more thing that the Christians are full of crap on. Being reminded you are going to die does increase religious thought in Christians, Muslims, and any other religious group.  That’s exactly … Continue reading

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Smartest 5 Year Old Ever….


Hope it’s real

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The Clergy Project


I’ve always wondered how widespread it was that clergy didn’t believe.  It seems to me that studying the Bible is going to go a long way to making you a non-believer. I ran across this group today called The Clergy … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t even notice this if it weren’t for Christians desperately thinking this is important.  Richard Dawkins says that on his scale he’s a 6.9.  There have been numerous stories out there about this.  They seem to think that it’s … Continue reading

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A Thousand Years of Darkness


I ran across this from the last episode of Cosmos.  Dr. Sagan does a great job of explaining what unfettered superstition can do. – Carl Sagan – A thousand years of darkness Video

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Penn and Teller – Bullshit, the Bible

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Complete Guide to Atheism


This is a great video for you guys that always want to know why we don’t believe in gods.  

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Josh McDowell Says the Internet is a Threat


I love this story: Basically what he is saying is that Christianity can’t stand up to the relentless questions that come with the internet.  You see it all the time on Yahoo Answers.  The constant asking us why we … Continue reading

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