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Can You Be Raped by the Devil?


OK, this one is right out of the sixteenth century.  I’ll just quote the article to give you the overview here. But even in terms of the religious, it’s just weird.  I mean I get she wants an excuse for … Continue reading

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The Bible For Dummies


Call it childish, this just cracks me up.  I’m not even totally sure why.   The Bible for Dummies I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more appropriate title for a book in my life.  And yes it’s real, … Continue reading

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A Thousand Years of Darkness


I ran across this from the last episode of Cosmos.  Dr. Sagan does a great job of explaining what unfettered superstition can do. – Carl Sagan – A thousand years of darkness Video

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Why don’t Christian read the Bible?


I came to the conclusion some years ago that most Christians I’d met haven’t got a clue what the Bible says.  I’ve had them tell me I was lying about this or that on many, many occasions when I was … Continue reading

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Book recomendation. –Heck, you can read it here


This is my favorite book on the subject. Carl Sagan was the guy who introduced me to science as a teenager. I never missed Cosmos when it was on.

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