Stupid Question of the Week – Atheists Have The Burden Of Proof


Yes, I know not actually a question.  What do you expect from a dumbass?




So let’s count the logic mistakes here

1- Shifting the burden of proof.  Very obvious right off and a formal fallacy.  The person making the positive claim has that one and for very obvious reasons.  You make a claim you are the one who needs to provide evidence why it might be true.  Getting to the truth STARTS with evidence, not the claim.  The reason this is so important to them is simple.  They don’t have any actual evidence to back up any of it.

2- Appeal to popularity.  Saying that a lot of people believe something doesn’t mean it’s true on any level.    Formal logic error here too.  But the funny thing is 2/3 of the world doesn’t believe this story so even if it weren’t it would be negative evidence.

3- Reported eyewitnesses – Well that one is funny.  Note they don’t have actual eyewitnesses.  They just have rumors of them and this assclown thinks that makes for evidence.  Let me help you out.  Evidence is something that you can hand me and I can examine.  It’s only good evidence if it doesn’t have alternate explanations that make more sense.  The Bible has lots of explanations that make more sense given that it doesn’t even know how people got here.

4- Unsupported claim on that prophecy bit.  Let’s be real here.  I can point out TONS of misses.  All they do is go though a bunch of mental gymnastics to say that it has been.  It’s crap.  Anyone who takes any time at all to look at it knows it’s crap.  It’s exactly why the Jews don’t believe in Jesus.  He didn’t make most of the prophecy.  The prophecy in Revelation calls for a seven headed dragon wearing crowns on it’s heads to show up and knock stars out of the sky with it’s tail.  That will be a neat trick.  How come the God doesn’t know those things are really far away…..and HUGE?

5- Pascal’s Wager— Let’s see there are a bunch just in that alone.  The basic one is that it assumes way fewer possibilities than there are and it assumes the possibilities are equal with no evidence given to support that.  You can also easily come up with scenerios that you are taking a bigger risk by picking a god out of the thousands that people have believed in.  Maybe Odin only gets pissed if you pick a competing god?

We can’t help people who are this stupid and we shouldn’t try.  I mean if you really can’t deal with the basics in how to logically follow though a problem you are going to have to believe whatever asinine thing you hear.  Folks, talking to morons like this is a waste of time.  You can do it in public but you have to mock it.  Making rational points to someone like this is like giving antibiotics to someone who died a few days ago.

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