Fellow Conservatives – Our Side Is Wrong About Gay Marriage


Conservatives like to say they are the ones for liberty and freedom.  I know that I am.  So why the hell are you flipping out that someone was given the right to marry who they want?Phelps-Gay-Marriage

No kidding, we should have had the lead on this one.  Even 5 years ago most everyone was against this.  I wasn’t.  I never saw it as a states rights issue.  States shouldn’t have such rights.  It’s not OK for the state to tell you how to live.  I never saw it as anything other than what it was.  It was government telling people what they couldn’t do with their life.  It was government telling them they didn’t have the right to pursue the happiness they wanted.  Notice they weren’t hurting anyone.  They weren’t even doing anything that effects anyone else.  They just wanted to live their lives the way they thought would make them happy.

Let me make it clear, I don’t for a second get the gays wanting to marry each other.  But they do, and that means I don’t have the right to stand in their way.

I don’t get why some of the conservatives that I know are flipping out here.  You’d think they were told their marriages didn’t count now.  You’d think that something catastrophic happened here.  It doesn’t change one thing for you.  Get over it for petes sake.

This one seems like such a no brainer to me.  The Libertarians have had it right for all the right reasons for a long time.  Generally that pulls the rest of us in.  It got me years ago.  We should have been the ones to push this, not the liberals.  The liberals mostly are using it to make our side look like tyrannical morons.  AND THEY ARE RIGHT.  It’s true that a very short time ago they were on the same side as us.  Gay marriage wasn’t even taken seriously for either side.  But supporting the ban is doing exactly the type of thing you claim to hate.  They have a huge political issue here that should have been ours.  I honestly saw the push from the libertarian right way before the left jumped in

Yes, I know, your religion tells you gays are evil and Leviticus says you ought to kill them.  You aren’t actually doing that because you know it’s wrong.  Leave them alone and let them do what they want and I’m with you that they should leave you alone.  You don’t have to like them.  You don’t have to respect them or the way they are living.  But you do have to let them be free and equal under the law.

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