Stupid Question of the Week – New End of Word Date



So this probably isn’t a troll here.  I’ve heard this date three times the last week but I’m not sure where they are getting it.  That’s always the problem with stupid questions, you can’t tell if they are real or not.  I’d like to stick with the real ones.

The thing that gets me is that this Rapture thing isn’t even Biblical.  This is a new thing that only dates back about 150 years.  I’ve read the Bible cover to cover twice.  It ain’t there folks.  So not only do I think you are idiots for believing something that crazy, most Christians know you are idiots about it too.  But the same way you read in that something that isn’t there, you manage to keep reading in dates that come and go with nothing happing.

It does however bring back fond memories of the May 21, 2011 date.  Holy crap, that went on for a year at least.  Idiots were quitting their jobs and going around the country telling everyone about it.  The reaction when it didn’t happen was priceless.  See, May 21 happens to be my birthday.  What an amazing present that was.

I’d love to know where the date is coming from.  If any of you know either hit the comments or email me with the contact form and I’ll update things here.  It would be funnier with a source of the madness.  I just can’t find it.

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