How Can We Have A Reasonable Conversation With A Theist About God?


noah arkThis is a serious question here.  I honestly want to know.  I’ve had theists that I like want to talk about it and I always end up laughing at them.

I’m actually embarrassed for someone who reads about Noah and takes it seriously.  It’s impossible about 20 different ways.  How can I stick to a logical conversion about it when the person on the other side is making it plain that they are ignoring what is reasonable and logical.

How can I tell someone what every fourth grader has enough education to know better than?  I mean their book says our problems came because a talking snake tricked one of our grand parents into eating fruit that magically gives them knowledge of good and evil.  Holy crap….I can’t reason with them if they think that.  It’s not even a little rational to think that.

What can I say to someone who thinks a guy could live inside a fish for three days?  What can I possibly say that would let them know that getting a hair cut couldn’t possibly make a guy weaker?  If that’s where you are, logic isn’t going to help.

My position is that the only thing I can do is point and laugh and hope that you snap out of it.  I mean I’m not sure what you are on, but damn it has your brain working rather oddly.

I’d like it to be different.  I’d like to be able to talk about it and use logic and reason.  I wouldn’t come across as such a dick.   But I can’t.  Logic and reason on a a person who has obviously decided against it is like giving medicine to the dead.

If any of you guys think you can, please comment.  I’d love to hear it.


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