How Amused Were The Potheads In Colorado?


I wasn’t even stoned and found this press release to be hilarious.  To be fair, I find most everything on to be hilarious.  (P.S. – Do click that link, I’d love to show up in their referral logs)  But this one was special.  Seems that they decided to picket a few of the marijuana facilities in Colorado.

This is the official press release….like any press actually reads these things.  You should though, it’s quite a gem.



In case you don’t know who Westboro Baptist Church is they are the clowns who decided it would be a good idea to picket funeral holding up various signs including the infamous “God Hates Fags” ones.  Here is a photo:


Now, why I find them funny rather than offensive.

Sorry guys, they are too stupid to offend me.   Let’s face it, they probably are actually following the Bible more than most.  The Bible pretty directly says that gays ought to be killed.  God must hate them if that’s the case.   And this inbred family of retards is just the jerkoffs to actually believe it.

But “sorceries.”   Sorry…that’s just funny there.  I mean even they ought to know that’s going to get a laugh.

Everything they do is like that.  Let’s face it, I have a hard time getting pissed off at the Klu Klux Klan for being racist too.  They are such jackasses about it that it’s funny.  Howard Stern had the right idea when he put them on the radio and just left them talk all the time.  He used to have a leader named Daniel Carver on pretty regularly.  His constant “Wake up white people” loses it’s sting really fast when you hear it all the time and you just start to laugh at the guy.  Howard was raised a Jew and is a public atheist, while is main side kick Robin is a black female.  They totally encourage Daniel to say what is on his mind when he is on.  They are even the targets of some of it, but they aren’t offended a bit.  It’s too silly to be offensive.  It’s like having a two year old call you a “poopyhead.”

I’m sure that stoned this would have been even funnier.  I can just see how this all went down.  I’m sure they were laughed at the entire day.


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