Why I Laugh At Christians


adam_eve_lrg_prWe get asked this all the time.  It’s pretty simple really.  How can we not laugh at you?  It’s not like I really have a choice.  I can’t have a rational conversation about rather a snake might have talked once.  You’ve already proven to me that you can’t be rational if that’s your position.  I realize that trying to give you logical, reasoned arguments about this is going to fall on deaf ears.  How am I supposed to react?

I also can’t help but laugh.  You are being gullible in a way that is impossible for me to imagine.  It’s beyond the absurd.  So it’s profoundly funny.  I mean look at the picture….that’s exactly what the Bible is describing.  I can’t not laugh.

I fully admit I’m out to change people’s minds about religion.  I think it has consistently been one of the most destructive forces in the entire human experience.  It’s one of the bigger causes of fighting.  Look guys, fighting over who’s imaginary friend has a bigger penis isn’t something we want.  It has stood in the way of science every time science finds something in your holy book that’s wrong.  This has happened way more than it’s found you got something right.

So why don’t we try to make friends?  That’s how the religious recruit.  It’s their number one way to gain followers and we certainly are pushing you the other way by mocking you.  Make friends, give the person a sense of belonging, and just reel them into the group.  It totally works for them.  How come we think it’s best to be different?

Well, it’s because belonging to a group isn’t the point.  Notice what’s missing in the paragraph above?  It isn’t about the truth.  It’s about making the idea into something you want to be true.  You want it so that you be a part of the wonderful “Good News” and so that you get to live forever.  I’m not out for this.  I don’t want you to belong to a group.  I don’t want you to help recruit other atheists.  I won’t make money off your conversion.  There’s no control of your life or power in it for me.   What I want is for YOU TO THINK.   Think about the talking snake and how wrong the Bible is about how we got here.  Think about the unicorns and dragons knocking stars out of the sky.  Think about how it says the Earth has corners and sits on pillars.  Think about guys living inside a fish or getting weak over a haircut.

Like I said, I know you aren’t open to rational discussion because you aren’t acting rationally.  All I can really do is point and laugh.  Maybe, just maybe that will get you to wonder if it isn’t silly.  Maybe you will actually read the damn Bible for once and see how goofy it is.  Maybe you’ll snap out of it.  It’s all I can hope for.

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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