Archbishop of Canterbury Admits Doubts


I actually found this a bit surprising.  But probably not for the reasons most atheists would.  In an interview the Archbishop of Canterbury admitted to some fairly big doubts about God existing.  This is a man at the top of millions of Christians.  So naturally this has caused a bit of a stir.

Here’s the article I found it in:

And video of the full interview

My friends were shocked at his honesty.  I really wasn’t.  Many members of the clergy really do believe what they are selling.  I know, it’s absurd and it’s hard to believe an educated person could believe it.  Painting them all as con men is pretty easy because it makes more sense than having a grown, educated adult believe the silly things in the Bible.  The ones who are honest will in private often admit their doubts.  He was in an interview and directly asked.  I’ve heard the guy in the debates with Richard Dawkins and he comes across as an honest guy to me.  I really would expect that he would tell the truth on this one.

I see in on Yahoo Answers all the time.  The number of questions that come up from doubting Christians doesn’t shock me a bit.  What is shocking is the Christians always answer that this is totally normal.  Not just a few either, it’s the most common answer by a wide margin.  They pretty much all admit they doubt their position at least occasionally.

Now what really gets me about this…..

This is a guy who is famous for his faith.  He’s got millions of followers and he wound up at the top of the heap.  What shocks ME is that he has doubts.  I’m shocked because as an atheist I never do.

The story in the Bible is crazy.  I give it absolutely zero chance of being true.  I don’t ever sit around and think “what if” because that isn’t even in the range of what has even a slight shot.  It would seem to me that SOMEONE on the other side ought to be as sure as I am.  This ought to be the guy if anyone is there.  I mean is it really true that no Christian gets though life without sitting back and thinking “wow, this really is kinda stupid” to himself?

I mean it’s not just him either.  We have people like Mother Teressa on the record as having doubts.  Seriously….no one?


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