Stupid Question of the Week – Is Homosexuality Entropy


I really ought to do these more often.  I hang out on Yahoo Answers all the time, and holy crap to we get some winners.

Here’s today’s entry


We went back and forth a little in my answer.  He totally doesn’t get what entropy even is, let alone have a clue how to apply it.  I gave him a link to Websters Dictionary and he still said it was wrong.  Entropy

This is very common in creationist circles.  I love to ask someone who tries the line that it prevent evolution what the units are for entropy.  I’ve yet to have them know that it’s Joules, BTUs or some other energy measurement.

So guys…and I know you creationists read this, here’s the physics lesson.

Entropy is the amount of energy in a system not available for work.  It’s an indirect measure of order (whatever that is, you can’t quantify it) in that things we see as order hold energy in a way that it isn’t available.

What that means is if you have something pumping in energy, you are going to get more order because at least some of the energy is going to end up stored that way.  You get it?  The Sun is pumping energy into Earth all the time.  It has to get more order.

In a closed system it tends to decrease.  Earth has a huge source of energy being added.  It ain’t closed.

End of lesson.

Sexual preference isn’t even in the ball park here….  Neither is growing old or much of anything else related to biology with it’s complex energy patterns.  Now a snowflake going through sublimation without additional energy, thats Entropy at work.

And he wonders why I think he’s stupid.  As usual I’ll try to let him know I posted this so he can respond.


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