It Almost Pisses Me Off That I Have To Say Pat Robertson Is Right About Something


But it is true.  The TV pastor that I thought was the biggest jackass out there did manage to get one right.  I know….I haven’t been able to sleep either.  But watch

This was on The 700 Club in response to the debate Ken Ham had with Bill Nye.

So even Pat Robertson can tell that Ken is a dumbass.  I’m not shocked that he knows it, I’m totally shocked that he was willing to say it publicly.  Let’s face it, he’s getting it from his own guys for this one.  A big chunk of the flock believes this 6000 year old Earth nonsense and all evidence to the contrary hasn’t swayed them.  You can’t think you are going to get many points with those folks by saying that the guys with The Creation Museum are having a pipe dream.

So it’s funny sitting here and laughing at them rip into each other over this.  It’s the clearest evidence to date that the current wave of atheism is giving them problems.   Pat sees that if you look like dumb asses people are going to slowly leak away until there aren’t enough to keep him in the lifestyle he’s grown accustom to, so he felt the need to try to slow it down.

Good luck there Pat.  It’s not going to work.  All it does is divide up the flock into separate groups that we can go after in different ways.  Because like it or not, science says Genesis is fantasy.  It doesn’t fit in time scale, order, mechanism, or anything else.  So if you want to take the stand that science is right because it’s painfully obvious that’s what the evidence says then we are going to ask you why you are a Christian if you don’t believe the Bible.

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