Oklahoma is Getting Exactly What They Deserve


So this week the Oklahoma Legislature has found out exactly why posting anything religious on state grounds is a problem.  If you let one do it, you have to let them all.  And this time it wasn’t even us atheists who called them on it.

A group of Satanists did.  Not even the atheistic followers of Anton LeVey either.  Honest to goodness followers of Lucifer himself.  And this is the statue they want to put right next to the Ten Commandments one



This is hilarious.  Way to go Christians.

Personally I think that Satanists are every bit the dumbasses Christians are.  I really hate to take their side.  But they are one hundred percent correct that if the Ten Commandments are there, they have to be able to put their monument there too.

What I fully expect is going to happen is Oklahoma is going to try to block it.  They will sue and eventually win.  Then Oklahoma will have to pay the bill for both sets of attorneys and either rip down the Ten Commandments or have the Dark Lord right next to them.  It’s going to be a giant waste of money on a case they ultimately won’t win.

I realized how stupid this all was when I lived in Cincinnati.   The central feature was a park called Fountain Square and of course the Christians had to put up a manger scene there.  The city got around the lawsuit by declaring it a “Free Speech Zone” and saying they would allow any one to display there.  So what happened?  The Klu Klux Klan decided they had the right to put their cross there.  They had to go to court over it, but of course they won.  So every year they had to be there for a few weeks, with about ten cops to guard them.  It was an absolute disgrace and a huge waste of resources, all because Christians had to make a big deal out of it.

Other groups that just might get in on the action include the Nazis.  So, before you go rooting for your local government to do something stupid, you better be ready to see a Swastika right beside your baby Jesus down at City Hall.

You guys really are better off sticking to your Church grounds.

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