Why You Should Never Appeal on Yahoo Answers


I usually don’t.  I’ve known for some time they don’t actually read them.  This one is the second time I’ve seen this, and I knew my answer would piss off the right report money so I posted it and appealed just to see.  I was actually hoping they would deny it.

That’s correct, they just said that “yep” wasn’t an answer, it was incomprehensible or that it was “chatting” whatever that means.  It was a yes/no question.  There are only two answers that make sense and I used one of them.

Just how stoned are they to think that no one will notice?

So….don’t bother to appeal.  It’s pointless and they don’t actually even read it anyhow.  I’m quite certain this proves it.

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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