The Pope Says Atheists Can Go To Heaven and I Don’t Care


So apparently the Pope made a speech and said that everyone, even atheists, can go to Heaven. These guys seem all excited about it.

I’m sure he’s a nice man.  I actually do like this Pope more than the last.  But why the hell does he think I care?

It’s not like Heaven is a real place.  It’s not like I think I have any chance of going there.  I find the whole idea asinine.  So really there Pope, nice thought.  It’s good that you are so inclusive.  But we don’t care.  We don’t believe in your God or your Heaven and you saying we have a shot ranks right up there with saying that if we are good little boys and girls we get to go to The Land of the Sugar Plumb Faeries every year around Christmas.

If you want to make me happy just put out an order that every single incident that might have had a child molested needs to go to the police.  Yes…I know a lot of them are old and many are probably baseless.  But your Church has not shown the best judgment here and I’d rather the cops sort it out.

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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