Stupid Question Of The Week


I haven’t don’t one of these for awhile. So I thought it was about time.

This one really only got totally asinine after they picked the best answer (me of course) and added a comment.

And there you have it.  Evidence in this one’s eyes is “look around”  This is something that you could claim is evidence for the faeries that poofed the Earth into existence.  It’s also evidence for The Titans fighting it out and Hera’s milk getting spread across the sky.  It’s also evidence that the Flying Spaghetti Monster touched us all with his noodly appendage.

In short, this could be evidence for ANYTHING if you were to take it as evidence.

Clue to you dumbasses out there who try this…..  If I can apply it to faeries and it works just as well from a logical standpoint, that’s exactly how logical it is.  Yes that’s right, you are as logical as Tinker Bell at this point.  So just keep up saying silly things like this.  Yes, we find it annoying.  But I also see that you do most of the work of making more atheists for us this way.

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