So I Have The Best Webhost Ever (Kidding)


Seems KVCHosting just decided to kill my account off.  Here’s what they said caused it.

That’s just awesome.  Fortunately I had a backup.  They were pretty cool about helping me reattach the database and getting it back up again.  WordPress is easy to start but moving it isn’t that fun.  It’s especially hard when you can’t get to the export tool.

Unfortunately the backup was a week and a half old.  So I lost a couple of posts, and there were a few comments in that time frame.

They are lucky they are so cheap.  The only thing they gave me was six months free…..which is about $12.  I have four hours in trying to get everything back up since this isn’t the only site I have.

So if your comment got hosed, I didn’t do it.  Just repost them and hopefully they won’t hammer you this time.

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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