Funny Hate Mail


I haven’t gotten any that were really funny for awhile, so it’s been quite while since I posted one.

But anyone who hangs out on Yahoo! Answers knows who Scooterpoop is.  This is just priceless:

The funny thing with these…do they actually expect them to work?  I mean I realize Scoot is a dumbass, but he’s been dealing with us long enough to realize that the talk of Hell is just funny to us.  I’m not exactly sure what they think is going to happen when we get this, but it’s nothing like what they think.  It makes me laugh, which is mostly why I hang out around the fundies.

All it does on the serious side with me is that I realize we scare them on some level.  He’s not trying to reason with me.  He’s just calling me names and sprinkling it with empty threats.  If anything it encourages me.

He has open email on Yahoo, so I’ll give him a chance to respond in the comments.

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