Question From My Contact Form – Typical Creationist Nonsense


I figured I’d just go ahead and post this.  I got this in off my contact form and I just answered it by email.  But I figure it illustrates what creationists do so well that I’d put it up

The following was how I responded

First off, it’s not “soft tissue”   They managed to isolate a single really stable protein in a fossil that was created in such a way that it had minimal exposure to the surface air.

The reason they found it was because they EXPECTED it might be there.  I’m not sure why you think you need some fancy explanation you wouldn’t understand anyhow.  Scientists who all know evolution happened, and who study fossils regularly expected something to be there and it was.  Big freakin’ deal….

What this is, it’s just really asinine creationist propaganda.  It’s taking something that was totally expected and saying that it looks weird, and uneducated loons are buying it.


Evolution has two main lines of evidence that prove it happened. First is fossil succession.  It’s not just that there are fossils, it’s that they are sorted in the geology in exactly the way evolution predicts.  There isn’t an alternate explanation for it, and it shows the progression of life from single cells all the way up the tree of life.

Second DNA has markers mainly inserted by retroviruses that are totally useless.  You can see the insertions match more as things get closer to each other.  Like I said, it’s useless DNA.  You would have to have had the same random insertions at various points and have it match the exact order predicted by evolution before we even knew there was DNA.  There is no alternate explanation here again.

If you want to have some other idea you have to start with explaining those two.  Good luck.

What you are implying is that God poofed everything into existence, but then put fossils in the Grand Canyon that start at 260 million years old at the top with sea life.  At the rim you find sponges, brachaeopods, trilobites, and the occasional fish. There’s a really nice fossil bed just down from the main lodges on the South Rim that they take groups to on ranger guided tours.   You then have it move about a third the way down into terrestrial fossils like leaves and insects.  You then have it switch back about half way to sea life, but only really simple things like sponges.  It then goes into some stromatolites (which are structures created by single cell life) and fossils of microscopic organisms, to finally no fossils at all near the bottom.

You won’t find a dinosaur, a shark, a flower, a mammal or anything else remotely modern anywhere in the entire formation. It is a rather large formation, and there are no exceptions anywhere.  Now if you want to take a shot at telling me how the Flood did that, go for it.  I could use a laugh.

And yes…I’ve actually looked at fossils in the formation.  There’s a map at the top that tells you what you’ll see, and it’s right on. I have a picture of the map if you’d like.  The rest, you just have to go for a walk….and an insanely beautiful walk at that.



I’ll update this if he responds.


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