Why Do Politicians Say They Believe Crazy Things


I couldn’t agree with Penn Jillett more in this video.

Being an atheist who also happens to be an unrepentant capitalist I end up on the side of people who are often religious and believe crazy stuff. But I’ve never thought that one kind of crazy thing was better than another. And I’ve never gotten how the line gets drawn that it’s OK to say they believe this stuff literally, but then no one thinks it’s really OK to actually follow it.

I do think that Mitt’s underwear is crazy.  But hey, it’s no worse than anyone who says they believe the story where a talking snake tricks a woman into eating magic fruit.  How we end up thinking any of this is alright is something I just don’t get, because everyone says they believe it.  But no one thinks it’s really an excuse for behavior.  And no one really acts like this stuff is even close to sane.

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