Even Pat Roberson Knows 6000 Years Is Stupid


Pat Robertson has always been my favorite jackass.  I remember in 1986 God apparently told old Pat that he should run for President.  I’m taking it God likes telling Pat things that make him look like an ass.

Back in 1982 God had told Pat that the world would end in October or November.  In 2006 God told Pat there would be a major tsunami on the west coast.  God told him there was going to be a massive terrorist attack in the US in 2007.  Yes, God seems to tell Pat all kinds of things, and Pat is a big enough dumbass to tell us so that he looks like an idiot.

But as stupid as he is, he knows the creationists are full of crap.

Yes, I know. I was as shocked as anyone….

It is interesting that he’s openly worried about losing the kids.  Maybe he sees this has been bad for business?


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