Mormon Magic Undies


So I’ve been trying to not make fun of Mormons specifically because we have one running for President that I support.  Obama has been a total disaster and my cat could do a better job.  But I just can’t help it since I found this site.

It’s not that I think magic undies with symbols on them are any goofier than anything else that other religions believe.  Let’s face it when you get to a talking snake tricking a woman into eating magic fruit, you can’t really get any lower.  So I don’t see this as any worse than sitting in a traditional church.

In fact Obama’s “God Damn America” minister is more of an issue to me than wearing silly underwear and not drinking coffee.  Yeah, I can deal with the no alcohol, but coffee…..seriously.  But at least I think the guy actually likes America and the wonderful things it stands for.

But having undies that protect you is just funny.  And now you can buy them.  Even funnier.  They are being sold by and Ex-Mormon who used to work acquiring the things for the church.  The about part of the site is certainly worth reading, and she got a totally hot chick to model the women’s version.  So enjoy.

P.S.  I found this listening to conservative talk radio.  You guys need to lighten up at times.  Magic underwear is funny, I don’t care who you are.

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