Mohammed Innocence of Muslims


OK, everyone is talking about it and apparently its offensive.  So of course that means I have to post it

Wow, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.  Seriously, this is a joke.

I don’t by for a second that this is what they were really pissed about.  Muslims are easy to offend, but this thing ain’t it.  Oh, they’d be offended, but they never saw it.  No one saw it.  There are a thousand things that are more offensive that everyone sees.

They aren’t burning YouTube logos.  They are burning the US flag.

The problem here isn’t this.  The problem is they have a problem with everyone who doesn’t believe.  We look weak because the current administration apologises to them rather than standing up to them.  That’s what got us to 9-11, and that’s what predictably got us where we are now.

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