Two years and Going Strong


Today is the two year anniversary for this site.  I’ve personally been amazed at where it is.  I started it as a place to come and vent.  I didn’t really expect that anyone would read it.

But they have, and I’m very grateful.  I get somewhere around 100 people a day, and about 1400 unique people a month.  I never thought that many people would read something I wrote.

I also actually get more fan mail than hate mail now.  That part shocked me.  I’ve gotten two death threats off it.  But I figured on that.  Frankly they made me laugh.  I had one idiot telling me how he was going to expose how evil I was to his church.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that all that would do was increase my traffic.  But about once a week someone writes to tell me they actually like it.

So thanks again.  You keep reading and I’ll keep adding to it.

About Gazoo

I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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