Google Ads Are Fun


I just have to say, I use Google ads.  It doesn’t pay much but it does pay for the website and I do appreciate it when you guys click them.

They get to choose the content based on the page and it’s funny that a lot of Christian things end up there.  I can’t imagine that I sell all that much for them, but if I do at least that means Christians are reading it.  But I get ads for seminary schools and stuff like that all the time.

But the last post really cracked me up.  I mean here I am talking about donkey schlongs and what does Google think is a good match for it?  Maybe a porn site?  Maybe a trip to Tijuana?  Maybe even an Enzyte ad.


You Christian girls must be a wild time.  Maybe I should have dated more of you when I was in college.

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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