Dumbest Things Christians Say.


I’ve decided to just make a list and rank them.  I don’t know how else to point out just how predictable and silly most of the things they say are.   I’m not talking beliefs, just what they say when trying to convince us.

1 What if your wrong?  You lose nothing to believe, but everything if you are wrong.

Pascal’s Wager.  It is stupid for a number of reasons.  It’s one of those things if you don’t think about it sounds reasonable, but isn’t at all.  First, you do give up freedom, time and 10% of your income.  Thus the one side is flat out lying.  But the biggest issue is there are way more than two possibilities here.  For instance, most gods (and there are thousands) would probably be way more OK with us choosing none of the above than they would be with the Christians picking the wrong one.  So you’ve more than given up any perceived advantage with one simple possibility.

2- Prove there isn’t a god.

Wow….that’s a reason to believe something.  I can’t prove Smurfs don’t live on Saturn.  That gives me exactly zero reasons to think that they might.  It works the same for a god.  The logic of it all doesn’t change just because of the possible conclusions.

3- God still loves you / I’ll pray for you.

Yeah…..this means about as much to an atheist as you saying a purple unicorn is going to show up and shit rainbows.  Seriously, it just makes you look like a condensing idiot to us.

4- If God  isn’t real, there is no point to life.  Why not commit sucide?

I’m guessing their life must REALLY suck at this point.  I mean they have to make up a reason to live it.  Personally I enjoy the heck out of my life…..with no invisible friends.

5- If there is no God how did we get here / how does this or that happen?

Err…how dumb do you have to be to think that not knowing something equals a magical guy living in the sky had to have done it?  Seriously, that’s what you are saying. I’m pretty sure my cat would pick up the hole in that logic.  Stumping science on any question does nothing at all to show there is a god.  Anything science has found the real answer to never needed magic.  There is no reason to think any of the others will either.  If you want to show there is a god, you need the evidence yourself/

6- If you don’t believe in God, why do you talk about him / work against him?

It’s not your imaginary friend we have issues with.  He doesn’t pass laws that impinge on other people’s freedom.  This is a case of them not realizing that Christians are the problem.  And that’s all it is.

7- Evolution is only a theory.

Well…so is General Relativity that covers gravity.  There are statements from the National Academy of Science, and any other scientific organization you want to name that state evolution is a fact.  Playing silly games because you don’t understand what a theory is in science is goofy.  And if there were a group that would make the declaration that it is now a fact, that body is already on record saying exactly that.  The AAS’s statement points out that it is more solid than any description of gravity, and that’s very much true if you really understand.


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