Muslims – This is why we think you support terrorists


That article sums it up totally……

When a Muslim leader can’t even bring himself to say that the death of Osama Bin Laden was good for the word, that means in some ways he supports what he did.

It’s not that tough people.  There really isn’t any gray area here.  We are talking about a mass murderer.  Most of his victims were even Muslim.  The situation is a black and white as it gets.  Well…..unless you think that some of that killing was justified.  Unless you somehow can find excuses for it.  Unless you REALLY think that some of the stuff was actually good, but you are publicly lying about it to cover the real agenda.

If you guys want to change the perception, you need to change the reality.  You can’t half way not support terrorists.  It kills me that you are saying you don’t support him, but then there are complaints about how the body was treated, or like this article there are excuses and half way condemnations.  And that is mainly what every one sees.

When someone straps a bomb on, and blows up in the middle of a crowd, it is safe for me to bet a paycheck they are Muslim without knowing anything else.  As long as that is true, then Islam is at least somewhat responsible for it.

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