My first hate mail


Hey….I feel like I’ve finally made it.  Hate mail is fun.  I get it off Yahoo all the time, but to get it off my own site is just awesome

For those who care, bask in the glow of that Christan love we hear about all the time.  I’m not going to allow comments on this one because it stands alone….and I know it will piss Jamie off…

Oh…and I only posted the email because it’s fake.  Christians are such pussies…..


To: Webmaster


How come I know there is only one lonely fuck running this site. One
of us will respond, who, your split personalities.

I’ve got more blogs on fb in 10 minutes than all of your archives
combined. Since 10, I guess thats when your parents left you at the
garbage can. Your a victim of something. Probably a fucking pedifile,
or trying to clone a pig with a woman now. Damn I’m tired. This hate
drains you. Whew!!!

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I'm a network engineer in the Phoenix area. Political conservative and atheist since age 10
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