Stupid question of the week.


I’d like to think that this guy is a troll, but for for some reason I don’t think he is.  Over the week I bookmarked several of his without even realizing it was the same guy.  Here is his profile and he’s not hiding the questions.

Most trolls post more often than he has been.  Generally they do something that tips it off for sure.  I mean maybe….these are pretty stupid.  But I think it’s how spread out they are that makes me think it’s real.

Anyhow, this is what I picked out.  Even if he is a troll I’ve seen variations on it pretty regularly.

I don’t need to comment on this for anyone over third grade, but just in case you are a fundie and don’t get why I think this is funny.

1- This is what creationists think, not science

2- Anyone over third grade ought to know about the basics of evolution and know that this is silly.

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