Stupid question of the week 12-5-2010


I’d like to think they were joking here, but I don’t think so.  Its rough to tell sometimes.

What he’s talking about is life found in a lake on Earth.  It was in a lake that had lots of arsenic and it replaced it’s phosphorous with it.  If NASA was involved at all, it is because that’s another parameter they have to add to search for life.  You don’t NEED phosphorous now.

I’ve seen a few suggesting this is such a big change that it has to be extra-terrestrial.  Maybe….but the jury is still out.  This thing has DNA, so we can tell.

Anyhow people, actually READ the damn article before you go posting stupid crap about it.  In fact, read several of them.  If you don’t look at the original paper you’ll find a lot of times the reporters say stupid crap too.  So don’t just take one of them and run with it.

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