Ministers who are atheists


Atheist Ministers Leading the Faithful – ABC News

I actually knew a guy like this back in Austin.  He was a Baptist minister who after something like 15-20 years of preaching rather abruptly figured out that the Bible was crap.  He said it was the Noah story that started the thought line.

Here was the rub, he wanted to quit.  BUT…what was he going to do?  He was only trained to be a minister.  The other thing was the church has a pension that he’d worked for all that time.  He was about five years away.

So, he kept preaching for those five years because he was stuck.

I’ve always wondered how common this is.  I mean the Bible says a lot of silly things and reading it regularly has to keep it in your head.  I’d imagine it is way more common that most Christians want to admit.  Heck ABC News found two of them.  In that position I’d never do the interview.

He was far and away the most bitter atheist I knew.  I can see why.  I can’t imagine having to live a total lie for five years like that.

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