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I just have to comment on the ad selection from Google on this site. It’s been a trip.

The ads don’t pay much, but they do cover the cost of publishing the sites I have. They get based off the content of the site, and Google decides what to place here.

I have another site about wine. The ads there match the site beautifully. You get trips to wine country, and to the southwest (which is the area it’s about). You get links to places selling wine t-shirts and gifts. It all makes total sense.

They don’t seem to know what to do with most of this though. I mean I guess it’s a bit hard to categorize discussion of bears ripping up children and satyrs, but they ought to at least pick up this site is directed at atheists.

What I’ve been getting is ads for Bible Colleges, and my favorite just showed up about a 7th day Adventist dating site.

Since nearly all the revenue comes from people actually clicking the links, I don’t see this being a huge money maker….for them or me.

Update: I just got one for a “Bible Story Coloring Book”   Maybe I’ll order it and post a few of the pictures.

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